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Whether facing arrest, detention, probation, parole and/or incarceration, such events are all "red flags" that some area of a person's life requires immediate evaluation and attention.  The "attention" that is required must be intense,  focused and provide the tools that can facilitate dramatic and transformative change. Most importantly, the individual must be fully vested and committed to such change.


Executive Reentry Solutions (ERS) specializes in criminal justice reentry and rehabilitation for persons in high-profile occupations (entertainers, athletes, politicians, business executives and more) who seek to take back control of their lives after engagement with the criminal justice system. Our program is designed to identify and address the unique risk factors, challenges, and stressors faced by clients with high-profile occupations. At ERS, we go further than the traditional "celebrity rehabilitation" experience.  Through professional assessment,  we delve deep into a client's past and current life in order to uncover the root causes and the "criminogenic risk factors" behind high-risk and criminal behavior.

The clients we assist face very serious circumstances-- arrest, detention; parole/probation; are incarcerated or released from incarceration. During these turbulent episodes of life, we take this journey with our clients, providing on-going support and motivation. Our service is grounded in national best practices, evidenced-based practices and basic care and concern. 

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