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Whether facing arrest, detention, probation, parole and/or incarceration, at some point, a person contending with any of the above circumstances, will eventually be released back into the community. That is, they will "reenter society."
This reentry process after contact with the criminal justice system should be an opportunity to reflect and to take stock on the reasons their lives have taken such a destructive path.  Regardless of how minor or how serious the offence, once released, they will need to recover and rebuild after this life-altering experience. Further, successful reentry can take on many looks.

However, fundamental benchmarks must be achieved to realize successful reentry. A reentering person must seek to establish and maintain a productive, balanced life-style that allows for healthy reconnection with family and community. They must develop life-skills that support and facilitates the rebuilding of careers and business. They must seek to be permanently free of behavior and activities that jeopardizes their liberty and lives.  Again, those who fully recover from this experience are those that take honest stock of their lives and choose to make changes.


Executive Reentry Solutions' programs and interventions are designed to fully support  persons who are making the challenging transition from incarceration back to family and community. To ensure that they never return to jail.  Some of our clients have been business executives, media personalities, professional athletes, politicians  and more who for a any number of reasons find themselves entangled in the web of the criminal justice system. The people we assist face arrest, detention; parole/probation; are incarcerated or released from incarceration and seek to regain control of their lives and careers. During these turbulent episodes of life, we journey with our clients, providing on-going expertise, support and motivation.

Our team of reentry professionals assist clients to identify, address high-risk behavior that threatens to destroy family, careers and lives. Our service is grounded in national best practices and evidenced-based, reentry planning and programming. No case is too minor or too serious; our clients span the spectrum from misdemeanants to persons with serious charges, released from state and federal prison. 

Executive Reentry Solutions has helped people from all walks of life to successfully make this transition and move on with their lives.

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