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Reentry Legal Services' core values rest firmly on a solid commitment to integrity and dedication to excellence. Providing superior, client service stands as the driving force behind our aggressive, results-oriented representation. We seek to minimize and eliminate the legal fallout after arrest, probation, incarceration, case dismissal, etc. We ensure that our clients' legal interests are protected by integrating the relevant legal areas of law Criminal Record Sealing and Expungement; Civil asset forfeiture, Employment, Civil Rights, Commutations and Pardons, Sex offender registry and more.
Our team of accomplished professionals will bring years of experience and expertise to bear in order to resolve seemingly intractable challenges and to defend your right to work, live and rejoin family and community.  While the definitions below summarize the fundamental nature of the topic, the process of transitioning back to society after incarceration or regrouping after a case is dismissed, acquittal, or probation can be very complex and unique to each individual.
"Reentry": the adjustment and transition period after contact with the criminal justice system. The reentry process can commence after release from incarceration, arrest... or any adverse contact with the criminal justice system.
"Reintegration": full restoration of citizenship and community standing; healthy engagement of family and community through strategic, personal planning and responsibility. 
In any case, we are more than equipped to handle your matter; no case is too large or too small. At Reentry Legal Services, we understand that life can sometimes take an unexpected turn and requires a swift and effective response in order to get back on track.
We will provide sound, legal advise and employ effective strategies to help you reach your goals and objectives, to help ease the anxiety and stress that comes with the adjustment and transitional period. Full recovery and restoration after these life altering events are possible.  
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