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Reentry Law-- A New Frontier
Each year, record numbers of citizens are returning to their communities after release from U.S. prisons and jails. Further, almost 35 million U.S. citizens have had contact with the criminal justice system, and as a result, they are now saddled with criminal "rap sheets" and must contend with the day-to-day stigma and consequences that comes with this burden.
In response to these off-road, legal challenges, our practice takes a non-traditional route to providing holistic representation, exclusively to individuals facing legal reentry matters. That is, our clients are people who have fallen between the cracks of traditional criminal and civil practice areas and find themselves deep in the "system" without representation.  We recognize that persons remain entangled in the criminal justice system long after the "case" is over and will require legal assistance and counseling to sort things out and make a clean break.
Again, contrary to popular belief and despite the fact that an individual has "paid their debt...," their case dismissed or they have been acquitted, the worse is not yet over. The fallout of having had contact with the criminal justice system will linger long after the arrest, the trial or release from incarceration. The emerging practice area of "reentry law" developed, in part, as a response to the "collateral consequences," that a person experiences as result of minor or major contact with the criminal justice system. Such consequences creates tremendous hardships that range the spectrum from denial of voting rights, to employment and housing discrimination, to denial of public benefits, to loss of parental rights and more.  
Therefore, in order to adequately cover the wide breadth of issues related to reintegration, the practice of reentry law crosses several traditional and non-traditional legal categories. Further, as a result of the record number of citizens being released from incarceration, and the complexity of their matters, this practice area is evolving and bound to be in high demand for some time. 
Our legal team has extensive experience and expertise in handling reentry matters and can assist in navigating the twist and turns in the not so straight- forward reintegration process. 
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