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Reentry Legal Services advocates on behalf of our clients, the formerly incarcerated citizens and impacted families of the District for the adoption of policy, practices and law to bring relief and improve the quality of life across the board. Too often, the interests, cares and concerns of those with criminal histories goes unheard. We will use our numerous government contacts and network to engage the District of Columbia's major institutions, agencies and power brokers to effect policy, laws, change. The following entities play critical roles in promulgating law, practices and policy that profoundly impacts the lives of the District's returning residents and their families:
  • The District of Columbia City Council  
  • The Executive Office of the Mayor
  • The District of Columbia Superior Court
  • The Federal Bureau of Prisons and Halfway Houses
  • The D.C. Office on Ex-Offender Affairs
  • The D.C. Department of Corrections
  • The D.C. Department of Employment Services & Project Empowerment
  • The D.C. Housing Authority
  • The Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA)
  • The District of Columbia Federal Probation Department
  • The Public Defender Service of the District of Columbia
  • The Office of the Attorney General
  • The U.S. Attorney Office for the District of Columbia
  • Pretial Services Agency
  • The District of Columbia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
  • The D.C. Chamber of Commerce
  • The D.C. Board of Trade 
  • Federal City Council
During a recent ex-offender town hall meeting, the D.C. Office on Ex-Offender Affairs conducted a needs survey, sampling approximately 150 returning residents. While not all inclusive, the survey adequately captured the major issue areas of concern for the District's returning residents. The survey indicated the following:  
  • 70% of returning residents surveyed indicated a need for employment supports;
  • 67% indicated a need for housing supports;
  • 20% indicated a need for transportation supports;
  • 23% indicated a need for substance abuse treatment;
  • 12% indicated a need for child support assistance.
We are intimately aware of the issues and concerns of the population. We will not only talk to the right people, but are in a position to effectively market, move and advance our client's interests and issues forward, get results and secure long-term, favorable outcomes. 
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